Elye J. Alexander


Elye J. Alexander is a freelance writer and part time editor with Kajiya Productions. A graduate of Harvard University (B.A. in English and American Literature and Language, 1994), his work with Kajiya includes regular editorial contributions to fiction and poetry projects.

Elye's other interests include Welsh language and literature; speculative and literary fiction; poetry and drama in English and translation; song lyrics; and the martial arts. He also works as a custom builder.


Keigo Higashino
The Devotion of Suspect X st. martin’s press

natsuhiko kyogoku
The Summer of the Ubume vertical, inc

Fuyumi Ono
Twelve Kingdoms, Vol. 1: The Sea of Shadow Tokyopop
Twelve Kingdoms, Vol. 2: The Sea of Wind Tokyopop
Twelve Kingdoms, Vol. 3: The Vast Spread of the Seas Tokyopop
Twelve Kingdoms, Vol. 4: Skies of Dawn Tokyopop

Kaoru kurimoto
The Guin Saga - Book One: The Leopard Mask vertical, inc
The Guin Saga - Book Two: Warrior in the Wilderness vertical, inc
The Guin Saga - Book Three: The Battle of Nospherus vertical, inc
The Guin Saga - Book Four: The Prisoner of the Lagon vertical, inc
The Guin Saga - Book Five: The Marches King vertical, inc

Yukio ohyama
“Mt. Fuji” assorted poems office miyazaki